Hi CAMMP members!

How can AI help you?

It's never been harder and more time-consuming to get busy alumni to pay attention, engage, and donate.

What if AI could make it easier for your constituents AND you?

Personalization is not optional

It's not you. It's everyone else. There's too much noise, too many apps, too many demands on our time and attention.

With Protopia, you'll deliver personalized, effective engagement opportunities right into the email inbox of your most important alumni and donors.

What could mass-personalization do for you?

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Email Open Rate

No kidding: on average, about 62% of our emails are opened by excited alumni and donors.

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Alumni Engagement Rate

The right "ask" at the right time does wonders. Because alumni and donors want to make an impact.

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Better Alumni Data

Data too poor for personalization? We help here, too. We simply make updating personal data about them. You'll see.


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it truly simple for everyone in your community to connect for advice and support. Without another app to sign up for or learn.

Delivering Alumni As A Service across the entire learner’s journey.

Welcome to the Future.

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